Yuri Web/Light Novel Recommendations

Gonna make a new post about yuri stories that I’ve read so far. This includes RoyalRoad’s stories as it too have a lot of yuri stuff that shouldn’t be miss. Bear in mind that some of this novels might not be to everyone’s taste as some of them include the Gender Bend tag, some said to be an abomination to the yuri community. Also this might just be the first part of my recommendations with each post detailing and commenting on stories as to why I like it. On to the recommendations:


Kansutoppu! by Rachimu

My first yuri web novel that I read. I remember reading this with low expectations around 2015 but the idea behind a fantasy world with female protagonist with OP skill got me a bit excited. And I was invested in it so much that I finish reading the whole thing in 2 days. Writing wise its… acceptable to me. There might me problems here and there but to me its readable. Just a warning but translation have gone hiatus, not sure if it will ever return or not.

Ryua, our protagonist is just a normal village girl until something happen that destroy her home. She ran off and went into the 100th floor dungeon where she fought monsters everyday. It was until she defeated the final boss there that she came out and her adventure began.

Yuri moment is between Ryua and Roel. Roel is more of a mage support type and also Ryua’s first friend since she came out of the dungeon. At first their relationship was just friends and of sisters. But as the chapter goes on, Ryua develop a dependent and over-protectiveness towards Roel. While Roel’s feelings changes from someone who admire Ryua’s strength to someone who wanted to someone who wanted to always be beside her.

Translations can be found here.


Warm Place by Korota

This WN is actually publish years ago (2010/2011) but was recently translated by Aoitenshi. At first it seems like a simple reincarnation story set in modern times but as you read it, the story is actually more than that. What started like a slow pace slice of life turns into a crying and angsty fest. There’s family drama but it handles well and not too over exaggeration. Then again, this whole story revolves around family problems and our main character trying to resolve it.

Speaking of main character in the story, Hinata, the one being reincarnate, move to her old hometown and met her precious childhood friend’s daughter, Tsubaki. Slowly Hinata became reacquainted with her old life and more importantly her childhood friend. Talking about romance might be spoiler territory and all I can comment is, don’t assume the romance is final after reading the first 15 or so chapter.

I can’t comment much about the writing and grammar. English or Japanese are not my main language so as long as I understand the context then I am fine with it. The writing style might not be for everyone though as it sometimes gave a poetic touch, yet simple. Each chapter gave various length, some short, some medium and others are longer. Probably my most favorite in this bunch.


Succubus-san’s Life in Another World by Kashiwagi Masato

Gender bender type novels are sometimes being frown upon for yuri fans. Male to female reincarnation and then their love interest is another female might sound yuri but its hard to accept sometimes due to the protagonist’s personality. The constant reminder that “But I’m male!” can sometimes come across as annoying.

This novel might be a bit different, the protagonist might say the “But I’m male!” from time to time but it doesn’t happen often. The plot revolves a famous doujinshi artist and he died due to overwork. A god, who is a fan of his work, reincarnate him into his own creation, the succubus, Lily.

Honestly seeing the word succubus people would expect to read lewd stuff but 40+ chapters in, I seen none with the exception of kisses. And on the topic of kisses, the protagonist’s love interest is another girl, a dog-kin girl to be more precise. So up to the readers if they will accept this as yuri or not but so far, I’ve been enjoying it. The first few chapters are awkward and most of the time the dialogues can get confusing since you don’t know whose talking.

You can find the translation here.


Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear by Kumanano

Cover of volume 2 (Yuna and Fina)

Unlike the others above, this one isn’t explicitly yuri but I put it in due to subtext and adorable it is. Also it’s a slice of life novel with female protagonist that has a harem of loli (I’m kidding but you can clearly see Yuna building a harem of loli unintentionally). This is also one of the few novels that have official publishers so it’s a bonus.

Yuna as the main character come across as mary sue cause she’s OP and all her skills are convenient to herself and others. Then again, almost all isekai novels have that kind of main characters. Currently I’ve read until chapter 62 and there are currently 188 translated chapters out. So I’m not sure if there’s a big event or any romance in the latter chapters. If someone is reading this, do comment if there are any hints of het romance between Yuna and some guy.

Translation is here.


Binary Soul by Exterminatus

My first RoyalRoad story, this is a light-hearted wacky adventure of Kira, a mage who doesn’t know how to hold back, and Ellie, an assassin with psychopath tendency along with their AI companion, Nano. It blends fantasy and sci-fi well, with good comedy. The cast of characters are also interesting, each having their own distinct characteristics.

Writing style-wise, it doesn’t rely heavily on descriptive storytelling rather, its more focus on dialogues. Honestly I find it fitting for this kind of story and I didn’t get easily lost in it. With a total of 150 chapters including some side-stories and intermissions, readers will have a weird and enjoyable ride with this one.

For romance aspect, the story centers around the yuri main couple; Kira and Ellie. There are also het couples but that came later in the story. Unlike the above recommendations, this one clearly show their romance in an explicit ways, such as flirting in public, possessive to their counterpart, sleep together etc.

The story is here.


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