Koushin Koinu ni Koibumi wa #2

Not all skinship is sweet~

First, thank you so much to White Garden for translating this. Really grateful for the effort they put into the translation quality here. Now then, despite having only 2 translated chapters, the story got more interesting.

Kagami is not please with Indou ignoring her calls.

Our protagonist, Indou, seem to have a hard time in school trying to juggle her studies, etiquette and Kagami senpai. I assume there will also be a sub-plot about Shinobu, there seems to be a focus on her character here. The flashback in particular intrigue me. My guess is that the person is actually Indou’s aunt, judging by the profile of that person. Then again, the author’s character have similar built so I may just be wrong here.

Kagami asked Indou out

Not sure about Kagami herself yet. Cause for a second, she seems to really, really like Indou but then she just cares for her as a senpai care for her kohai? So, need more insight from Kagami’s perspective. Another point in the chapter is that the letters they wrote was being screen. I am not someone who is an expert in this kind of historical setting but at the same time I am not surprise this type of practice is done happen. Things like talking bad to your superior or leader are frown upon, then again, at this day and age, there might be some establishment that do that. But that’s just to avoid the employees from revealing their establishment’s secrets.

Extra classes are the worst!

Moving on! Looks like Indou is in deep trouble now with her ‘date’ clashes with her letter problem. Not sure how she’s going to solve this mess but I speculate that she might skip her studies at the end in favor of going out with Kagami.


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