Asobi Asobase #7

Another day, another fun with the Pastimers Club.

Another episode another good laugh from our Pastimers Club. The first two minisodes is my highlight of the whole episode. Once again Hanako’s attics are hilarious, from training a stag-beetle to farting at Olivia.

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Happy Sugar Life #6

Another fated meeting

Episode 6 started where we left off with Shoko meeting Asahi only for him to collapse. This episode is mostly told from Shoko’s perspective, about her confusion from her meeting with Taiyou, to her doubt and insecurities of her best friend, Satou. We also get to see parts of Asahi’s past and learn that the vow was from his mother.

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Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru #12

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow (English title) continues to deliver the ambiguity of the relationship between Konatsu and Koyuki despite the ever presence of yuri moments surrounding them. If it were me, I say this manga is yuri, but the absence of yuri tag whenever this manga comes out in internet search is worrying hence majority of people are cautions with their expectations. I have look up to Hagino Makoto’s previous work in Baka-Updates site only to realize that this is her first published work. So yeah, I’m also worry now…

Ah, thanks to Hachimitsu Scans for the continuous translation.

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Jashin-chan Dropkick #6

I never thought to seeing Jashin-chan happily cooking curry for Yurine.

Another day, another Jashin-chan’s gore-fest! Scratch that! The gore is nonexistent here compare to the previous episodes. Despite me following this show every week, it’s place at the bottom rank in my list of summer 2018 season. I guess the reason why this show slowly fallout is due to the story’s structure. First episode should start with how Jashin ended up in the human world, following the manga but the animator decided to start the series somewhere at random chapters just made this series less compelling. Anyways about episode 6…

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Asobi Asobase #6

Bow down to Her Majesty, Hanako-sama!

The show’s comedy has become milder now in comparison to the previous episodes. Oka make her second appearance and Maeda return to make Hanako’s life more miserable. With the standard four mini episodes, each have their own memorable moments particularly when Hanako is involve.

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Yuri Web/Light Novel Recommendations

Gonna make a new post about yuri stories that I’ve read so far. This includes RoyalRoad’s stories as it too have a lot of yuri stuff that shouldn’t be miss. Bear in mind that some of this novels might not be to everyone’s taste as some of them include the Gender Bend tag, some said to be an abomination to the yuri community. Also this might just be the first part of my recommendations with each post detailing and commenting on stories as to why I like it. On to the recommendations:

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Happy Sugar Life #5

Stalker-chan get more screentime.

Geez this just keeps getting better and better. Episode 5 is where everyone involve are beginning to interconnect together with a new character added to the mix. We also get a bit of insight about Satou’s relationship with her aunt as seen throughout this episode in the form of memories.

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Harukana Receive #6

Harukana pair OTP of the season(for now)!

Its time for the mid-seasons impression and I’ll be doing something different for now. Instead of cramming it in one post I’ll do the normal per-episode impression. Why? Cause holy sh*t each of these anime (the yuri and subtext yuri ones) have a lot of things I want to comment/gush about. Though this episode isn’t as yuri heavy as the previous ones, we do get a handful of it.

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